July 11, 2018

Why driving tests changed

The DVLA changed the way driving tests were taken as they wanted to better prepare you for driving once you had passed.

They wanted to incorporate more high speed roads as they realised the best way for you to be prepared was to practice and have your test on them. As this would help you to feel confident as your driving instructor would be there to guide you through it making sure you understands the rules signs and how to follow the bends.

They also added the satnav portion of a test as that is what many cars are built in with and what drivers will use when driving to new locations. Being a new driver you would need to be able to listen and follow the satnav as it is something you will you use in future as some people who learn in silence may find it hard to adapt and listen to the satnav so make sure you let your instructor know if you need further satnav lessons.

Safe driving from Britannia!