July 12, 2018

Eco driving tips to drive by!

With the changes and advances that car manufactures are making to not only create efficient cars but also cars running on alternative fuel types. Ensuring that you are driving in an eco friendly manner is important.

We have some tips just for you. First you may be wondering what eco driving is? It is to look ahead, drive smoothly and avoid acceleration and heavy braking. This saves wear and tear on the car and makes for a more economic use of fuel. To pay attention to gear changing as being a gear too low will increase the rev count. These may seem like small and simple things but they can have a large impact, plus until eco friendly cars made mandatory its best to try and conserve much fuel as possible.

With our highly trained instructors they will be able to help teach you to drive in an eco friendly manner which will then become habit for you.

Safe driving from Britannia!