September 25, 2014

Welsh Driving Tests

Since 7th April, learners have not been able to use interpreters on practical test. Learners can only take their test in English or Welsh. However, even this is proving problematic as certain Welsh-speaking learners have been told to take their test in English due to a lack of Welsh-speaking examiners.

In Bala, an area in North West Wales, learners who have applied to take their driving test through Welsh have been told on the day it had to be in English. A driving instructor in the area has expressed concern at how this has thrown some of his pupils as they turned up from test expecting it to be in Welsh only to be told it had to be in English.

The DVSA have said that they are recruiting somebody for the position but it could take another five or six months for them to be in place so this is going to continue to be a problem. Calls have been made for The Welsh language test service to be restored to which the DVSA have responded that they are looking to recruit more Welsh-speaking examiners, specifically in North Wales.

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