September 26, 2014

Anti Drink Drive Campaign Shocker

An anti-drink driving campaign has been launched in an unexpected place – the men’s bathroom of a North London pub.

The campaign was certainly aimed to hit viewers with the “shock” factor, as a hidden video of the campaign in action shows.

The experience caught unsuspecting pub-goers off-guard as they enjoyed an afternoon having a few drinks in the London bar. However, as the unwitting men ventured into the bathroom, the campaign was launched into action.

As the men stand calmly washing their hands at the sink in front of a large mirror, without warning a life-like mannequin is suddenly hurled crashing from behind the mirror itself into the glass pane, causing the mirror to shatter, and the seemingly lifeless face is left gaping vacantly through the broken mirror, dripping “blood” into the sink. . . and leaving the started men visibly traumatised.

The campaign was intended to replicate the effects of a driver hitting a pedestrian at full force, with the “pedestrian” sent smashing into the windscreen.

To see footage of the campaign, simply search on YouTube for “pub loo shocker”.

What are your thoughts on this campaign? Shockingly effective, or just a cruel prank? Sound off in the comments section below!

Safe driving from Britannia!

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