May 7, 2009

Variable Speed Cameras

Holidaymakers driving to the Continent will soon be up against line after line of digital variable speed cameras. Millions of Brits hoping to cross the Channel on a ferry or via the tunnel will be confronted by the cameras on 19 fixed gantries above a six-mile stretch of the M20 in Kent and part of the M25.

The Highways Agency said the cameras – enforcing variable limits displayed on electronic boards above the motorway lanes – would reduce congestion, give more reliable journey times, reduce accidents, curb driver stress and reduce emissions.
But motoring groups are concerned it will be yet another moneymaking venture by the authorities and that it the first step on the rollout of fixed overhead speed cameras across many UK motorways.

Only British drivers caught speeding by the overhead cameras are certain to face action. Foreign drivers are unlikely to be pursued.This is a contrast to France where the police routinely pull in British drivers and impose on-the- spot fines and impound their cars if they are not paid immediately.

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