May 11, 2009

Smart Car to Catch Drivers Breaking the Law

Latest CCTV cars intended to catch drivers using their mobiles or being distracted at the steering wheel are being piloted by Greater Manchester Police.

The Smart cars, which have a 12ft mast with a camera attached, are parked at busy junctions to monitor traffic.

Anyone seen driving while distracted – eating at the steering wheel, playing with the radio or applying make – up for instance – is filmed by the cameras. A letter is then sent to the owner of the car along with a fine.

Anyone caught using their mobile phone will be ordered to pay £60 and have three points added to their licence.

The CCTV cars have already attracted criticism from people who argue they are an infringement of people’s privacy.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “CCTV enforcement lacks connection with motorist until after the event and drivers might regard it as an infringement of their privacy.”

What are your thoughts on the use of the Smart Car to catch distracted drivers? Send your views to Britannia Driving School by using the comments link below:

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