October 12, 2009

Unsuspecting Buyers Sold AA Driving School Cars

Each year thousands of cars used by the AA driving school to teach learners are being re-sold to unwary members of the public. Many of the buyers once realising where their car has come from are unhappy as traditionally learners are thought of as the most volatile drivers on the roads.

The cars are being sold on the used market under an unfamiliar name and individuals feel as though the arrangement isn’t straightforward. Despite the assurance that the cars are well looked after, they inevitable get a lot of hammer.

Consumer experts have advised that all customers that purchase a Ford Focus should check for the tell-tale signs of dual controls having previously been situated under the passenger-side mat. These are used by the instructor to keep control of the car and then removed before the car is sold on.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “Individual dealers will not know that the cars were used by the AA Driving School. The cars are given new clutches, new brakes, new tyres and mats and are than passed on to dealers for sale through a third party.”

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