October 13, 2009

Green Driving Could Save You £250 Per Year

Motorists in Scotland who follow the principles of eco-driving, and who drive 12,000 miles annually, can save up to £250 a year on their fuel costs, it is claimed.

A survey of 1090 Scots, commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust to coincide with the second phase of the Eco-drive Scotland campaign, has also found more and more people are now adopting eco-driving techniques. It found:

– 86% are more likely to maintain a steady speed in as high a gear as possible.

– 76% said they now shift to as high a gear as possible.

– 73% keep their tyres at the optimum pressure.

– 35% switch off their engine rather than idle if they are stationary for more than a minute.

The three-year, £1.5million Eco-drive Scotland campaign, which is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by the Energy Saving Trust, was launched in January and is aimed at encouraging motorists to drive in a more economical manner.

Mike Thornton, director in Scotland, for the Energy Saving Trust, said: “Knowing people are taking on board the eco-driving tips we are promoting is great news.

“However, we are keen to dispel the myth about idling engines. It is a little known fact that if your vehicle is stationary for more than a minute then switching off your engine can lead to significant savings.

“We are encouraged that 35% of people are switching off their engine rather than idling when stationary.

“But we are keen to persuade more motorists to take up this tip over the next 12 months.”

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