November 12, 2013

“Unlimited Driving Tests” Advert is Banned

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an online advert erroneously advertising an unlimited amount of driving theory tests for a mere £31.

The advertisement declared “”£31 Book Your Driving Theory Test Unlimited Retests until You Pass!” – Despite the fact that it actually charged unsuspecting buyers almost twice the amount shown.

The ASA ruled that the advert must not appear again online, due to its inherent misleading information, as when online shoppers looking for a bargain attempted to take advantage of the offer, they were in fact being charged £59.50 for the unlimited amount of theory tests – as well as an additional £8.50 compulsory booking fee!

Whilst the details were made clear on the website itself, the Google-sponsored advert was inaccurately promoting a much cheaper deal that was in fact, non-existent.

So if you’re looking for a bargain on so-called “unlimited tests”, be wary about where you are buying from. Read the fine print, or simply stay to the more legitimate routes, otherwise you may end up paying much more than you ever intended to.

Safe theory-test hunting from Britannia!

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