May 18, 2012


An illegal immigrant known as Iqbal Singh absconded after being refused permanent leave to remain in the UK after arriving from India back in 2000. This chain of events lead to Mr Singh killing a father of four after falling asleep at the wheel in December last year.

Malcolm Anderson was travelling back from a wedding with his wife and son when Mr Singh struck his car which resulted in Mr Anderson suffering a fatal heart attack.

Mr Singh had no insurance or licence and claimed “I must have shut my eyes for a second or taken my eyes of the road.”

Mrs Anderson was cut free from the wreckage but suffered a punctured lung and cracked ribs. Her son suffered from a broken nose, a damaged ankle and bruises on his lung.

Mrs Anderson was shocked when the judge handed Mr Singh only a two year jail sentence, she said “Armed robbers sometimes get life because they use weapons. The van driven by Mr Singh was the weapon used to kill my husband”.

Judge Michael Cullum reduced his sentence to credit Singh for his early guilty plea. However, Mr Singh will be deported back to India at the end of his jail sentence.

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