May 10, 2011

UK’s two best-selling cars: the Ford Fiesta and Focus, hit America (big time)

With experts fearing a gallon of fuel in the States could hit six dollars this year, these economical Fords prove that, while size still matters to US drivers, small can be as beautiful as big.

Ford’s European cars are now helping the firm to cement their recovery from their financial crisis in 2006. They posted a £1.57billion profit in the first quarter of 2011.

Selling British-designed and engineered cars in America is part of the “One Ford” master plan to sell the same models worldwide.

They believe a very good, well-priced car will sell in Britain, the States or even China with only minor modifications.

They also claim buyers now want fully-equipped models and will pay a higher price for smaller mainstream cars so long as they have the latest features.

Chief exec Alan Mulally, the architect of Ford’s revival and the decision to push small cars in America, told me: “We are seeing more and more people moving to smaller vehicles as they realise that in future they are going to pay even more for fuel. Our bonus is we have the right small cars at the right time in the Fiesta and Focus, with great fuel economy and great design.”

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