May 11, 2011


Those that are caught speeding slightly over the speed limit now have a number of options rather than the usual fine of £60 and three points on the licence.

The National Speed Awareness Scheme which allows drivers to attend a workshop in place of a fine and points has been adopted by police forces across the country.

Drivers that have exceeded the speed limit slightly will be offered to attend the course however, the margins as to what speed is slightly over the limit differs between police forces.

The course is designed to address why drivers were speeding and the consequences of them speeding. This will include workshops, theory work and practical training sessions and lasts between 4-6 hours. The course costs anywhere between £60 to £100 and is hoped it will stop re-offending.

The course is not there to allow drivers to continually speed and not receive points on their licence and for this reason, you cannot attend this courses for a minimum of three years after attending.

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