March 1, 2012

UK Driving Test: The Driving Standards Agency is Looking to Bring few Changes.

How safe it is to issue British driving license to people who cannot speak in English and read road signs effectively? This is a matter of grave concern. The official statistics show that 800 drivers had their licenses canceled out in the last two years. It was found that they took unfair advantage by taking a translator’s services or assistance to cheat the driving test. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) facilitates immigrants to take the test in any of the 19 approved foreign languages. The recent investigation has blown the lid off of the cover. The Transport Minister Mike Penning has shown concern by questioning the safety aspect of it. The Government may soon bring necessary changes to tackle the situation.

There is a need to bring wider perspective into practice. Mike Penning indicated that we should take it as an opportunity to develop stronger ties within the society. It would do a world of good to us. He points out that we should encourage people to learn English than to find ways to avoid the situation. It requires positive steps to be taken to find a permanent solution here. It is about the safety and security of every single individual who drives out on the roads.

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