March 2, 2012


A couple from Brooklyn were caught out helping learners to cheat their way through the theory test when an undercover agent asked for their help.

The agent paid $1.800 to the couple who used a jacket with a small camera hidden in the snap button of the right cuff to help him pass the test.

The images from the camera were transmitted to a van located outside the test centre and the couple used a pager to give the candidates the correct answer.

The pattern was very simple, with two vibrating pulses to indicate that ‘A’ was the correct answer, four vibrates for ‘B’ and six vibrates for ‘C’.

It is unsure how many people Mr and Mrs Ng have helped cheat their way through the test, but Mr Ng, the owner of the school claimed he has helped people for more than 10 years when the undercover agent asked about the success of his scam.

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