May 12, 2014

Traffic Lights To Stay Red For Longer

Under plans to help the elderly, traffic lights could be changed to stay on red for longer to give elderly pedestrians longer to cross the road. Crossing times are being reviewed by the government after concerns over pensioners struggling to cross the road before the lights change.

Traditional pelican crossings, which display a flashing green man on the opposite side of the road, are due to phased out next year whilst other types of crossings are also being reviewed.

Changes being considered include fitting sensors which hold traffic at red if a pedestrian is still on the crossing. Transport Minister Robert Goodwill has stated that updated puffin crossings have movement detectors which allow extra time to be given and that reviews on other types of crossing are being considered.

Motoring campaigners, on the other hand, have warned that the measures could lead to more traffic congestion.

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