July 3, 2017

Tips on Keeping Your Vehicle Roadworthy

Every car over three years old must pass its MOT to comply with UK law. Your vehicle’s key components, such as the engine, tyres, brakes, lights and fuel system will be checked thoroughly to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. Before booking your MOT, you can carry out a number of checks yourself to maximise your car’s chance of passing, thus saving money and time!

Start with your registration plate – is it clean, intact and legible? You could be fined up to £1000 if not so beware! Switch on your lights and walk around your car to make sure they’re all working correctly; including your full beams, indicators and brake lights, and replace any bulbs if necessary. Check your oil to make sure your car runs smoothly – it takes less than five minutes! Have a look at your tyres and check that the treads are at least 1.6mm and free from lumps and punctures.

Finally, check your car seats – are they secure and do the seat belts lock properly when tugged? Carrying out these checks regularly not only helps you stand a better chance of passing your MOT – it could also save lives!