October 16, 2008

Tips on cutting motoring costs

With many experts stating that the UK is already in recession, drivers would do well to consider cutting motoring costs wherever they can. There are a number of tips that can help in the battle against rising prices but many drivers fail to take advantage of these simple measures.

For instance, you should not simply opt for the first insurance quote that you are offered. You will find that hundreds of pounds can be trimmed from your premiums by using price comparison websites. You will also find that motor insurers will look favourably on vehicles that are fitted with an immobiliser or alarm.

Why not shop around to find which petrol station offers the cheapest petrol and diesel prices? You should be aware that choosing a petrol station simply because it is nearest does not mean that it is the most economic.

Another tried and tested way of reducing fuel cost is to avoid frequent braking and acceleration. Driving your vehicle at a steady pace will not only see you save pounds but will also improve your road safety awareness.

Those drivers who have recently passed their test will find that there are a large amount of insurers who will offer a discount if they take the Pass Plus qualification. Taking this action could result in savings of 35-40%.

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