October 21, 2008

50% of motorists can’t identify road signs

Rental vehicle firm, Avis, has released the results of  a new study which focussed on the identification of British and foreign road signs by motorists. Alarmingly, the results showed that over 50% of participants were not able to give the correct answer to questions put to them during the survey.

Although it could be argued that not every motorist will be able to recall every road sign, it was pointed out that the most basic of UK signs had drivers completely baffled. Signs such as ‘No Cycling’ and ‘No Overtaking’ were not identified by survey participants. Around 54% of respondents also thought that a ‘No Overtaking’ sign simply meant ‘All Motor Vehicles Permitted’.

Avis also said out that most motorists who are over 30 did not have to face the modern Driving Theory Test and this could have had a significant impact on survey results. However, it would be good practice for these motorists to brush up on their road sign recognition skills. Anyone who wishes to do so can obtain relevant information from the Department of Transport.

The car rental company also highlighted the fact that they had conducted the survey in order to assess how they could help UK motorists to cope with foreign road signs. They did not bargain on finding that many drivers would struggle on basic questions about the Highway Code.


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