June 7, 2013


Who has to sit a theory, where to sit the theory and how much it costs.

There are lots of websites who offer you the service of booking a theory test and you may wish to use them but most people will book it through the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). The cost of the test is £31 and booking online or over the phone allows you to choose which test centre to sit it at and what time and day you want.

With theory test centres dotted all over the country, you can use the DSA’s website to establish your nearest test centres. You will find that availability at each test centre will vary, so it’s worth looking at a few of your closest.

If you have a category B automatic licence and want to convert it to a category B manual licence, you do not need to re-sit the theory test. If you want to upgrade within a vehicle category you won’t normally need to take a theory test.

If you hold a B1 licence (3 or 4-wheeled light vehicle) you don’t need to take the car theory test. For everyone else, start your revision, you can use our website free of charge to practice.

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