June 10, 2013

Presenting Yourself for the Driving Test

Your appointment letter will give the date and time of your driving test, it will also state the address of the driving test centre; check they are correct and as expected.

Read the reverse of the appointment letter, it has a list of things to bring with you, a suitable vehicle and both parts of your provisional driving licence, without these, no test and loss of the driving test fee. All Britannia Driving School’s cars are legal and suitable for the practical test.

Don’t arrive at the Driving Test Centre too early, just a few minutes before the test time. If the Test Centre has a car park, reverse into a bay, if it doesn’t, park on the left side of the road.

After parking you’re vehicle, make your way into the Test Centre’s waiting room and wait for the Driving Examiner. They will Check your licence and ask you to read and sign the insurance and residency declaration, and then ask you to lead the way to your vehicle.

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