September 24, 2010


Road safety is paramount, yet poor attitude from drivers can often lead to road accidents.

Drivers of all ages, in particular young drivers need utmost concentration when driving. Yet many young drivers succumb to peer pressure and end up ferrying their friends around.

Passengers can be a real distraction, especially if the driver is keen to impress. This can often lead to the driver showing off and taking risks they would not normally take, such as overtaking, speeding, tailgating etc.

One simple act that many drivers don’t follow is wearing a seat belt. I am unsure what leads drivers to think they are invincible and don’t need to wear a seat belt, as I am sure nobody would go on a roller coaster and not strap themselves in however, many drivers do it.

Driving when tired is another simple thing to consider before sitting behind the wheel of a car, yet there have been cases where drivers have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Despite these extreme cases, driving whilst tired can impair your decision making.

Drugs whether they are legal or illegal, all impair our judgement and concentration which in turn affects our driving abilities. Don’t take illegal substances full stop and always check the label of any prescribed medication.

These things may seem obvious but are often forgotten and not just by young drivers but drivers of all ages. Motorists need to think not only about their own safety but the safety of other road users and pedestrians.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “It doesn’t matter whether you are a learner, have just passed, been driving for years or even a driving instructor or examiner there is always room for improvement and additional training. There are pass plus courses for new drivers or refresher lessons for those that hold a full licence but haven’t driven for a while or feel they are no longer confident on the roads.”

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