September 27, 2010


If parents are going to be teachers they need to be taught themselves.

All drivers could do with refresher lessons especially if they are going to teach others to drive however, more and more parents are passing on their bad habits to their children. Bad habits such as approaching junctions to fast, travelling to close to the vehicle in front, not using their mirrors correctly or enough and poor observation.

It is good to gain as much road experience as possible and with economic times as they are, it is reasonable to expect learners to drive with their parents. Yet it is strongly recommended that learners take lessons with parents alongside lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

An updated understanding of the Highway Code and what driving examiners expect of you at the test centre is needed and there is a difference between being able to drive from A to B and being able to drive up to test standard, driving safely and competently.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “So if you are going to take on the huge challenge of teaching your children how to drive, make sure you know how to first.”

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