November 9, 2012


A bus crash that occurred in Virginia last year saw survivors of the crash in court telling the judge of the disturbing day they experienced.

One passenger known as Karrica Finch said “It was almost as if you’re on a roller-coaster ride.”

In court, they described how the bus swerved from side to side and was changing speeds erratically before it crashed along Interstate 95.

The driver – Kin Yiu Cheung has been convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter after the crash left four passengers dead and many others injured.

Cheung wrote in a statement: “Maybe I feeling tired and sleepy time.” A passenger sitting behind Mr Cheung said she had heard him talking to someone on his phone stating he doesn’t get enough rest.

It appears that the driver did not intentionally cause the accident and it really was just a horrible accident. But it does highlight the importance of getting enough rest before you drive and pulling over if you feel tired or unwell.

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