November 8, 2012

Passing your test.

When you are a parent and your child has past their test for the first time, it’s a great moment. It’s shows them growing up and having their own independence. In about a year or so, they may be going onto university or spend a year backpacking around the globe. It’s the start of the new things.

With passing your test also comes great responsibility and it’s important to keep telling your children this. When you step into a car for the first time, one that you are able to drive, unsupervised – it is very liberating. Unfortunately though, there are too many accidents amongst younger drivers. Drivers who get too confident and feel that they can handle the car at high speeds.

I think that as parents we need to keep telling our children the importance of safe driving. And it’s not always telling them that counts, I think demonstrating that you are a good driver too, makes a big difference.

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