March 14, 2012


I wrote an article not long ago regarding parking statistics that found women to be better at parking than men. But of course there is never going to be a clear cut answer and according to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) more women fail their practical driving test due to parking faults than men.

It is thought around 1.6 millions tests are taken each year. In 2010-2011, 50% of male candidates failed and 57% of women, resulting in an overall failure result of 54%.

Women were more like to commit errors whilst completing a parking manoeuvre however, the figures were not too far apart, with men also committing errors when parking for both lack of control and observation.

Many instructors are of the opinion that although men appear to master the basic skills of driving more quickly than women, women are less inclined to develop bad habits once they obtain a full licence.

But men, beware, statistics found that you failed to check your mirrors before signalling, but once again the figures for women were only slightly behind.

So all in all, it appears that both men and women have their weaknesses and failure of a practical test will all depend on your skill, memory and consideration for other road users.

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