March 13, 2012

A Warning Sign: Do not Text while Driving.

We have been warned before! It is a highly dangerous situation you are putting yourself in. You should not text while driving. It makes a bad combination. It leaves us with little or no time to react sharply. It has come out to be a bigger threat than drink driving. The official statistics believe that such people are 23 times more likely to cause an accident than other people. It becomes difficult to understand that why we cannot resist the temptation to read or write a text. Such incidents have led to tragic accidents in the past. It seems that people do not realise the gravity of situation here. The irresponsible behaviour can cause irreparable damage in the end.

The growing influence of technology can also be held responsible to an extent. There must be a common solution found to tackle the situation effectively. It must not be forgotten that driving requires complete attention and focus. You cannot take things for guaranteed. It takes fraction of a second to make a wrong judgement and pay dire consequences for it afterwards. The public awareness campaigns should focus on the negative aspect of texting when driving.

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