September 30, 2022

Ten ways you could be fined

Crossing the line could now potentially cost you a fortune, There has been recent news reports of a driver being fined £100 when his bumper overhung a parking space even though his wheels are well inside the spot. So it begs the question .. do you really know the highway code? The highway code has been updated in recent years and most recently January 22. So here are some of the changes:

  • Think inside the box – Stopping your vehicle beyond the white line of the box intended for cyclists could leave you with a £100 fine plus three penalty points.
  • Improper use of the horn – honking your horn unless in an emergency could come with a £1000 fine, Drivers should also not use the horn between 11.30-7am in residential areas
  • Keep it clean – Your number plate should be squeaky clean so it readable in order to be read by Automatic number plate recognition – ANPR – devices. The maximum fine is £1000.


  • Traffic facing – One of the least known laws of the road is that you should facing the oncoming traffic unless in a recognised parking space at night because other users won’t be able to see your rear reflectors.
  • Don’t be a flasher – Flashing your lights to let another driver out or say thank you but you risk a £1,000 fine, as it should only be done to let other road users know you are there.
  • No pavement parking – Inside London parking on the pavement could park you with a £70 fine, outside the capital states you “should” not do it rather than “must” not.
  • Keeping mum – Kids under 12 or 4ft 4in in height must use a car seat, the penalty can reach up to £500.
  • Seeing clear – Your windscreen must be clear, not wiping off snow could lead you snowed under with a £100 fine.