November 24, 2017

Avoid The Glare of Harsh Winter Sunlight While Driving

The low winter sun can hinder your vision when driving, at times making it impossible to get a full view of the road ahead. Don’t believe that wearing sunglasses at this time of year is silly – they are in fact an essential safety tool for any driver all year round. While they don’t provide perfect vision, they are a good first step to safe driving in the sun’s glare.

Grime on the inside or outside of your windscreen can refract and scatter bright light, intensifying the glare. A clean windscreen is much easier to see through whatever the weather, but especially when you are facing sunlight. It is advisable that you clean your windshield before your trip. Using wiper fluid can leave drops on the screen, which also reflects the sun, making it harder to drive until they dry up.

Your car’s sun visor is there to help reduce glare. In addition, you can increase its effectiveness with mini-visors available in most motor shops. Some are transparent, which helps to filter out glare while still allowing the driver to see through.

Safe driving from Britannia!