March 27, 2015

Sunday Driving

With the weekend ready to commence, many of us may be opting to leave the car behind as we enjoy our nights out, or otherwise may have become the designated driver for the group! As long as you remember to refrain from drinking when behind the wheel, you have made the right choice.

Either way, it is important to remember when you are driving this weekend, the same rules apply as throughout the week, although the driving conditions may be different. For example, Saturday afternoon is likely to be reminiscent of morning rush-hour traffic with an abundance of vehicles on the road – whereas by Sunday morning, the roads are arguably at their quietest all week!

As a learner driver I always liked to have my driving lessons on Sunday mornings – With less traffic and calmer conditions, I personally found it the best time to learn, as well as the most fun! Just remember, that whilst being a “Sunday Driver” is perfect for these quieter times, not everyone wants to see this all week round…

Whatever driving you do this weekend, drive safely, from Britannia!