March 30, 2015

Hand-held mobiles still a problem

Nearly every driver has seen other motorists use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving according to a recent survey. With the number of deaths and serious injuries on UK roads rising by 4% to nearly 25,000 in 2014, consumer research by used-car specialist British Car Auctions (BCA) found that 95% of respondents had seen other motorists using a hand-held mobile while on the road.

According to the BCA research, 83% had seen other drivers texting and emailing whilst on the road. But mobile phones are not the only technology distracting drivers. Over half of respondents (52%) admitted to looking at their Sat Nav rather than the road at a junction or roundabout and 47% had seen other motorists doing the same. A small percentage even confessed to accessing the internet or social media whilst driving.

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