July 3, 2014

When To Take Your Lessons

It is very common for learners to be fitting their lessons into a schedule around school or work. The result of this is that learners will tend to take their lessons at the same time each day and even the same days each week.

This is not the productive way to take lessons since you must get used to all driving conditions to prepare you for the road. Over the course of the day, there are a number of different conditions – quiet roads in the early morning, the rush hour commute, steady daytime traffic, the evening rush-hour and night-time.

It is important to experience all these conditions before going for your practical test. In particular, tests take place during the day and so only having lessons in the evenings will not prepare you for the conditions when you take your test. Even if you work during the week, most driving instructors work weekends and so you should be able to take a lesson in the weekend in addition to your evening lessons during the week.

If you can experience as many conditions as possible once taking your lessons, you will become a much more confident driver once you pass.

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