July 26, 2011

If Michael Can You Can.

Actor Michael Caine may have a role in the new Cars 2 movie but said he didn’t pass his driving test until he was 50.
The Italian Job star, now 78, admitted that he never got round to learning to drive as a youngster.
He said to UK newspaper Daily Record: “I grew up in a non-car period, the Second World War, when there weren’t a lot of them about.
“And I grew up in London, which had an incredible public transport system – taxis, buses and the underground – so I never knew a person who owned a car until I was about 25.”
However when he finally made it to Hollywood he realised he would need a car to get around.
He said: “You have to drive in Los Angeles, so I took a test there. It was weird. Before I took the test, the man said the guy who would be doing the test was sitting outside in the car and that I would only speak to him to say good morning.
“There would be no normal conversation – he would give me instructions, I would listen to him and that was that. There would be no personal remarks whatsoever.
“I got in the car and the guy looked at me and went: ‘I loved you in The Man Who Would Be King. You’re going to have to be s**t to not pass this test.’ So, at the age of 50, I passed.”

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