July 6, 2009

Summer Drunk Drivers Warned

Drivers are being warned that a drink this summer could put them behind bars as the Government and police join forces to crack down on the menace of drunk driving.

A £1.5 million THINK! Campaign will remind motorist of the devastating consequences of drunk driving.

All 43 police forces in England and Whales will be targeting drink drivers this summer with many using new digital breath testing equipment funded by the Department for Transport.

The TV campaign, “Moments of Doubt”, which focuses on the consequence drink drivers face when they are caught, will be supported by advertising in pubs, radio and online.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “With warm weather and long summer evenings motorist might end up drinking when they hadn’t planned to, but that doesn’t mean we have to drive home. Use public transport or take a taxi – don’t risk your driving licence by getting in the driving seat.”

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