July 2, 2009

Motoring’s a cheaper way to holiday

Good news for those heading off on motoring holidays as fuel prices have plummeted across Europe.

Unleaded petrol prices have fallen by as much as 12% and diesel by up to 32%, compared to last summer, according to research from the Post Office.

Although Switzerland is the cheapest for unleaded petrol at 91p per litre, Austria and Spain work out as better overall value.

Motorists visiting these Eurozones will pay 1p more for unleaded (92p), but much less for diesel at 83p and 87p per litre respectively.

Despite a 19% drop in the price over the past 12 months, the UK is the only country where diesel costs more than petrol.

And surprise, surprise, high taxes mean we have the second most expensive diesel at £1.05, only beaten by Norway at £1.14 out of the 12 European destinations compared.

Eurozone fuel prices vary considerably with the cost of motoring in Belgium 27% more expensive than Austria or Spain and the Netherlands 32% dearer.

However, anyone jetting off on a fly-drive to Florida could be in for a shock. The combination of the weaker pound and higher fuel and rental charges has sent prices up 64% compared to last summer.

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