August 16, 2017

Stuck Behind a Tractor?

Whether it’s for transportation of produce or relocating heavy agricultural equipment from one field to another, farmers will unavoidably need to make use of public roads. However, because tractors are so hefty and not the fastest of vehicles, it can be frustrating for other road users who just want to get to where they’re going, and sometimes potentially hazardous if tempers are lost.

The important thing is to be patient, respectful and to not to get exasperated when stuck behind a tractor. If you are able to overtake then do so, but only if it is safe. Do not attempt to overtake on any kind of bend or dip in the road, or especially if other motorists are coming towards you. Do not tailgate the tractor, flash your lights or honk your horn – put yourself in the farmer’s position and remember that he is just trying to get where he wants to go, just like you.

Safe driving from Britannia!