June 26, 2012

Temper Temper

It’s fair to say that we all get annoyed at some point when we are driving. You’ve just been cut up, you were over taken dangerously, the person behind is driving too close, or that silly person did not indicate. These are all things that drive us a little barmy. The thing we need to remember though is that these things will always happen. There’s always going to be silly drivers on the road. Remember though, the majority of people on the road are safe drivers. Just think of each time you drive, there are a lot of people who, when they drive, do so carefully and safely.

We have all been there, on our way to work  and had to deal with someone acting dangerously. The best thing to do is stay calm. Remember that you are always in control of yourself, it’s never worth ruining your day because of someone else’s bad driving. The best way to deal with these drivers is to be prepared. Just by driving safely and been aware you can prepare for yourself for bad drivers and avoid accidents. If someone cuts you up, ease back a little. If someone is driving erratically let them carry on. And with that, we wish you a really good day of driving.

Keep calm. Keep driving.

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