February 26, 2010


A lot of new buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles (HGV’S) are being introduced with speed limiters.

According to the Department for Transport (DfT) motorway speed limits need to be changed in order to balance differences between new vehicles and old.

The newer HGV’s will now be limited to 56mph and passenger vehicles with over eight seats restricted to 62.5mph.Whereas all older vehicles will be able to continue driving at 70mph. So the DfT are set to implement motorway restrictions for all of the above vehicles regardless whether they are fitted with speed limiters or not.

The consultation also includes plans to see HGV’s, buses and coaches with more than eight passenger seats not being allowed to use the right hand lane of a three lane motorway.

The problem with not imposing these rules and regulations will be that companies and individuals will see no incentive to buy new vehicles as they will be at a disadvantage, despite the vehicles being more fuel efficient and safer to drive.

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