March 1, 2010


Britain’s roads have seen less road casualties this year, with a downward trend continuing. However, it seems as though not all road users are so lucky.

The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured was 830 in 2009 and has risen over the past few years. This would suggest that despite the hard work that many organisations put into making our roads safer, more research needs to be conducted as to why cyclists are having accidents and who is to blame.

Despite the figures rising, it is probably safe to say that there are more cyclists on the roads.

Boris Johnson has had a huge influence on people taking a healthier, more eco friendly approach to getting around. He introduced the London Cycling Campaign, to help cyclists feel more confident and to tackle cycle theft.

There have also been a huge number of cycle paths introduced onto London roads in the last few years, making it easier for cyclists to get about safely.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “It is good that children and adults are being encouraged to take a healthier approach to getting around and that there is policy in place to make this easier for cyclists and other road users. However, I must say it is a little difficult to stay dry on a bike!”

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