January 17, 2012

Road signs: Confusing or lack of awareness on our part?

What do you have to say? The report is already out in the public. It is a bit embarrassing. Did it ever occur to you that two third of the population find it difficult to read road signs? People do not have any idea that what it means when they read ‘give way’ or ‘no motor vehicles allowed’ road signs. The state of chaos is widely rampant as they start following the vehicle in front to avoid the situation. The whole situation is somewhat appalling in nature. It would not be incorrect to put forth that the Highway Code has just been reduced to a means to pass the theory test. The report also suggests that half of the drivers have not checked it since they appeared for tests last time.

We are talking about road signs which are placed everywhere around in the neighborhood. It is a part of our daily traveling life as we commute from one place to another. It serves several purposes at the same time. It helps us to drive safely and reach early. You should go back and take necessary steps to learn about the basic road signs.

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