January 16, 2012


Drivers haven’t really had to combat much snow or ice this year as opposed to last year however, drivers are having to deal with high winds, particularly in parts of Scotland.
Scotland were hit with gale force winds of up to 165mph, meaning roads and bridges having to close and hazardous driving conditions.

Most drivers who hold comprehensive car insurance will be covered for an accident involving adverse weather conditions. However, it’s our safety and the safety of others that’s important.

If you are warned to stay off the roads, take this advice unless your journey is absolutely necessary.

Look out for debris, especially when it is dark and when the roads may not have been cleared such as early morning.

Be careful when emerging from between buildings, crossing bridges, travelling beside high-sided vehicles or travelling along the coast as winds could be extremely strong. It’s important that you also have proper control over your vehicle and this means having both hands on the steering wheel.

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