November 7, 2011


You here of a pile-up on the motorway and normally our first thoughts are why do drivers not keep a big enough distance between them and the cars in front but what happened on Friday 4th November was a tragic incident which resulted in 7 people losing their life.

The 34-vehicle pile-up left 51 people injured and seven people dead and is thought to be the work collision on British roads since 1991. Mr Craker, who was involved in the pile-up commented on the road conditions and said “It was like someone turned out the lights. I have never seen anything like it. It was like a wall of pitch black fog…there was one car in front of us, then suddenly it was black and the car disappeared. We might as well have been blindfolded”

The pile-up involved so many vehicles including heavy duty vehicles which led to a fireball on the carriageway, this made it incredibly difficult for the emergency services and other individuals to help. But the bravery that members of the public showed was inspiring, with less impacted drivers and passengers pulling people out of burning vehicles and taking them to safety.

The police are doing their best to understand the accident and to hold accountable anyone that may have contributed to the awful road conditions that day. Taunton Rugby Club had held a bonfire and fireworks event nearby and it is thought the smoke from this played a huge part in the fog that engulfed the M25. It was however, also dark and wet on the road. The important thing is how can we stop anything like this happening again? It is important these innocent people did not lose their lives in vain, but for now we have to let the police carry out their investigations.

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