November 8, 2011

Be careful in the winter.

UK motorists have been advised to keep an eye on their acceleration and power when driving during the winter months.

Simon Elstow, head of training with driver training specialist IAM Drive & Survive, has come up with a few tips to ensure people stay safe while on the roads, including maintaining a safe speed when the road is slippery, wet and cold.

He also suggested being aware of how a car applies power to the road, as the wheels of front-wheel drive vehicles spin more easily in bad weather.

“Power and acceleration are no good without control. This is especially true when drivers are faced with cold, wet and slippery conditions,” Mr Elstow remarked, adding that people should think twice about whether they really need to make their journey before setting off in icy conditions.

This comes after the new Toyota Yaris gained the top five-star rating in Euro NCAP crash testing for all-round safety performance, so motorists may want to consider investing in one if they think they’ll be doing a lot of driving in bad weather.


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