January 25, 2010


A man was stunned when he discovered he had incurred a speeding ticket for his car which was parked outside his home in Nottingham.

The speeding camera located close by to his car has accidently picked up his license number when another vehicle has driven past at 37mph in a 30mph zone.

Mr Buck has now incurred two tickets on two different occasions.

He admitted that it was humorous the first time. To not even have the key in the ignition and receive a ticket is quite an achievement. However, it is slightly concerning that a speed camera is incapable of telling the difference between a stationary vehicle and one travelling at ridiculous speeds.

Unfortunately Mr Buck does not have any other option but to park on the road outside his house. He hopes that the police will examine the process involved in capturing the license plate of those speeding, but for now all he can do is pray that no one speeds past his house!

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