October 19, 2011


More councils are funding the pass plus scheme for young drivers. Cumbria is the latest council to plough £30,000 funding into the scheme, which will allow people aged between 17 and 20 who have recently passed their practical test to take part.

The pass plus scheme is invaluable post-test training, which enables new drivers to learn new skills, techniques and improve their anticipation and alertness.

The course consists of six modules, some aspects may be covered in theory only depending on the conditions at the time. The practical assessment is not as difficult as the learner test, it is only required that a pupil is able to drive safely and legally, small errors will not matter greatly.

At the end of the course, a certificate is awarded. The instructor will complete the form and outline whether the pupil has covered each module to an achieved or exceeded standard.

Emily Smith at Britannia Driving School said: “The experience is fantastic especially taking lessons on the motorway. Why not call Britannia today and enquire about our pass plus courses on 0208 543 8050.”

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