October 20, 2011

New Insurance Shock

Young male drivers are facing insurance premiums nearly four times more expensive than the average driver, research has suggested.
The 17 to 20-year-old age group has seen an 8.2% annual rise in premiums, comparison website Confused.com said.
The Commons Transport Committee was told young motorists believe they are being priced off the road.
Trading standards officers are warning drivers not to cut costs when buying their first car.
PremiumsThe average price of a premium for a 17 to 20-year old man in the third quarter of the year was £3,878 when insured as the only driver, Confused.com said.
The average price for male drivers in total was £1,006, the price comparison website said.
For women, the average was £2,063 for 17-20 year olds, compared with £907 for women overall.
In general, the cost of comprehensive motor insurance had risen by 12.3% year-on-year, with dr

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