April 11, 2012


Portadown, Ireland has been revealed as one of the most ticketed towns in the province, having clocked up 2,506 parking tickets in 2011.

One business owner in the area spoke out at how he is considering moving his business to a different area after being issued with more than 16 parking tickets which he feels were given unjustly.

Mr Dougan said just recently he received two tickets in the same day when he was unloading his van outside the restaurant he owns. He said: “We lost the loading bay in Woodhouse Street…How can I run my business if I have nowhere to park?”

He claims that he doesn’t mind paying a parking fine if he is in the wrong but that things have just spiralled out of control.

The Mayor was supposed to meet Mr Dougan twice to discuss the issues not only faced by himself but other business owners in the area and customers, but the Mayor had cancelled both times.

The Department of Regional Development who are in charge of issuing the tickets, say that it is vital to reduce congestion, allow access to town centres and improve road safety. However, I am sure that all drivers no matter which area you work or live in would ask that a traffic warden uses a little common sense to prevail.

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