April 12, 2012

Children are making Parents to learn few things about safety guidelines.

It is an encouraging step. It is rather a bold approach! What do you have to say about it? The Mount J&L School, in Thornes, has taken a unique step to promote road safety around schools. The irony of the situation is that parents are putting the safety of their own children and others at risk by parking the vehicles at places where they are not supposed to. They must show some extra sense of responsibility by being careful while driving close to schools. It is a sensitive area in terms of children walking or crossing the roads. The idea behind is to educate children about the important road safety rules to pass on the message to other members in the family. It is surely interesting the manner in which these messages would be sent across.
The road safety team of Wakefield Council would assist these children in the mission. We can expect some positive results to come out of this. Children are better at learning things. They can quickly make their parents and family members to get involved in it. This is what society is all about. The feeling to help one another is stronger than finding out faults.


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