April 30, 2010


A lady from Southwark ended up in a parking ticket feud with the council when the online payment system acted more than a little sensitive!

She was fined £40 when she was found lingering too long in a London car park. When she disputed the ticket and lost she decided to pay the fee and settle it once and for all.

However, a few weeks later she received a notice requesting £80 as she had not settled the bill in the allocated time. When she went onto the council’s online payment system and entered her reference number it stated she had no debt to them. She tried contacting them via phone but to no avail.

Several weeks later she went on to receive a further notice requesting £120, rather extreme in any case for a parking violation.

When she went on to pursue this, an equally bewildered council employee found that when she had entered her registration number online because she had typed it in lower case, it had not registered her entry however, if she were to type it in capital letters it would reveal the ludicrous amount of money owed.

The council have now reduced her fine back to the original £40 that she thought she had paid and has promised to look into the matter, before it spirals out of control.

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