May 2, 2010

Learning to Drive and Pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers find themselves in a position where learning to drive seems ever more important. However, they are worried about the stress it can cause and whether driving schools will take them out.

Fear not…Britannia asks mums-to-be to follow some simple advise when making the decision to take driving lessons or continue driving.

Do you feel comfortable wearing a seat belt? Wearing a seat belt does not harm the baby and it is a legal requirement to wear it at all times. You should wear the strap as low as possible under the bump.

Can your bump fit behind the steering wheel without affecting the movement of the wheel? As long as the individual feels comfortable behind the wheel there is no reason why they should not drive.

Can you reach the pedals? If not there are ways to resolve this, for instance buying pedal extenders.

If you answered yes to all of the above, there is nothing stopping you enjoying the freedom of driving or embarking on obtaining your full drivers licence.

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