August 26, 2010

Over packing causes driving holiday domestics

One out of every four driving holidays for British families sets off amid arguments over bags.

Before any assumptions are made over who may travel the heaviest, it was found that women lag just behind men in terms of total luggage taken to an average beach holiday. Men, who apparently get bored sitting on the sand if they cannot ogle the locals, turn to game consoles, DVDs and board games to keep themselves amused. Women seem content with less luggage and more beach.

Nearly one in three (29 per cent) British males admitted to being overambitious with their packing habits, being forced to leave various items at airports or arrival ports as there just isn’t enough room in the car. No mention was made as to what would have been the preferred item left behind, though the same over-ambition affected just 17 per cent of British women.

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